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[review] Kids on the Slope


[Spoiler (click to open)]Ok so I just finished the anime and I was very disappointed. I saw the first episode when Kaoru first met Sen and I was all kyaa and got all starry eyed. I liked how it was going. Then the story turned into a love triangle. Then a square. then a...hexagon...what the heck?! It they took out the girls it would've been a good anime. I mean am I the only one that felt the connection with Sen and Kaoru? I mean even eight years later they found each other again and it was so sweet. Then Ritsuka showed up :/ Let's just say it had great BL potential but it was ruined with the additions of the girls which didn't improve the story in any way..to me anyway.

Kinda annoyed with myself..

I don't know what happened, but it seems all the P titles from my incomplete manga section has disappeared. WTH?! Thank goodness I keep a list. Now I haveta go hunting for those missing files. I hope it's just the P's from my incomplete collection. A lot of manga scanlations are not available anymore, that's why I was so careful not to delete/move anything by mistake..It must have happened when I was transfering my files to my new/bigger hard-drive.

On a happier note, Akadot restocked the old Ai no Kusabi books. Now I can finally get the missing volume 1 and 5. My copy of vol 7 should be ariving soon too. Then the last volume comes out around christmas \^o^/ yeah!! Hopefully it's not a tragedy like the ova.

On a sadder note, Only the Ring Finger Knows vol 4 is out of stock again..ToT But I ordered 1-3 anyway. Waiting on 5. But I'm hoping it doesn't have a stupid ending, cause I read the summary to vol 4+5 and apparently a girl comes into the picture. I hope no one ends up cheating on anyone because I will burn the damn thing.

On another note, I've tried my hand at typesetting and it was kinda fun. heh. So all my scanlator friends out there, if you want, test me out :D I have lots of free time on my hand for now, but I am currently job hunting.. wish me luck ^^

My collection

Look at how many I have now ::sighs:: There's no room for any more T^T
I'm going to need another box XD

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Does anyone else think that "collection of one-shots" should have a label as such somewhere? I've seen some that has it, but most don't. I'm kinda tired of spending money on a manga expecting a full story and getting bits and pieces of different stories. That's why I'm iffy about buying a manga that I haven't read somewhere through scanlations and what-not. Believe me, I've bought a lot of mangas thanks to those scanlators curse you Thank you ^^

I don't mind reading one-shots, but it's frustrating to get into it, like the characters, get to the next chapter, and be like wtf?, where'd they go?..

That's all I really wanted to say :D

Crow Zero

I finally saw the movie. It was good. Lots of fighting, a little humor, lots of ass kicking, and lots meaningful looks ::wink wink:: I am a BL fan after all.

First off, the meeting of Takiya and Serizawa, did anyone else think there was a little meaning to the way they stared at each other? I was already squeeing at that part. Sadly it's not a BL movie. It's basically a bunch of guys beating each other up to take control of the school.

Anyway, the last battle when Takiya faced of with Serizawa was so sexy!! I mean they're wet and muddy (from the rain) bloody and beaten up, but when their eyes met..and the way Takiya slicked back his wet hair was so hot. And the way Serizawa smirked at him ::melts::
Very graphic..You've been warned! The title says it all....


Someone, please tell me it's fake!


Alright, I'm currently watching Katanagatari. I actually really like the graphics and the action. But the plot and main characters bug me. I'm on episode 4 and I think the two main characters are pieces of shit. Mainly because they're going around collecting swords, and it seems they don't care who they kill to get it. That is a villain in my book. The ninjas they killed deserved it, but the guy that was sitting in the castle minding his own business and the shrine maiden who was fighting to protect 1000 abused and victimized girls, should not have died like that. wtf?! These guys are just heartless. At least be sad you just killed someone who didn't do anything wrong..


Feeling a little depressed. Got my new shipping of yaoi goodness, then I went under my bed to get my storage bin when I realized.. "OMG! I HAVE NO MORE ROOM" Where am I gonna hide my porn manga collection now? I'm gonna have to get a new bin or sell some of my mangas.. :: sobs ::

Ai no Kusabi

 Omg am I seeing thing? Ai no Kusabi the novel vol 7+8 will be released sometime this year?



Wow the art looks so clean and different too!! After waiting for soo many years will I finally get to see the conclusion?

Bleach ramblings (may contain spoilers)

Well I just started watching the new Bleach arc :/ First I'd like to say, what's up with their hair? Tatsuki and Orihime look like they have mullets. And Uryuu :/ why o why? Any way, I'm not that excited about it. I've only seen the first few eps and was kinda turned off by it. Mainly because there were no Soul Reapers. What's bleach without soul reapers? Argh Rukia, come back! Shoot even Kon disappeared. Only plus is Ryuuken got some air time. Also, when Uryuu was hurt, I couldn't help but wonder why Orihime didn't just heal him. Why Orihume, why? So I think I'm gonna wait for more eps to come out before watching it again. I've been doing a Bleach marathon for the past few weeks. Yes all 300+ eps. I'm all bleach out.

Running off to her yaoi manga world.........

Ai no Kasubi ova 2 <3